David Ponsford
Organist, Harpischordist, Musicologist
Performance Highlights - Current & Future Performances 

Current & Future Performances

8 July 2017: Cricklade Parish Church

Organ Recital by David Ponsford

20-21 July: Recording of 18th-century English flute sonatas by

Granom, Ballicourt, Ranish & Weideman

Helen Crown (flute)

David Hatcher (cello)

David Ponsford (harpsichord by Jacob Kirckman, 1766)

1 September - 7 October 2017: Examining tour in Hong Kong

17 November: Gloucester Cathedral

Vivaldi: Four Seasons

Orchestra of the Swan, David le Page (violin), David Ponsford (harpsichord)

22 November: The Queen's College, Oxford

Organ recital by David Ponsford on the Frobenius organ (1965)

Buxtehude, Lübeck, Böhm

1 December: Alvechurch Parish Church

Handel: Water Music; Mozart: Exsultate Jubilate

Midlands Sinfonia, David Ponsford (organ & harpsichord)

9 December: Holy Trinity, Stratford-upon-Avon

Handel: Messiah

Orchestra & Choir of the Swan, David Ponsford (harpsichord)

10 December: No.8 Arts Centre, Pershore

Handel: Messiah

Orchestra & Choir of the Swan, David Ponsford (harpsichord)

16 December: Forest Row Parish Church, East Sussex

Forest Row Choral Society Christmas Concert

Tom Scratchely (conductor), David Ponsford (organ)

19 December: Release of Jacques Boyvin CDs

Organ of Saint-Michel, Bolbec, Normandy

Suites from the Premier and Second Livres d'orgue

Nimbus NI 6358 & 6359, 2 CDs [79:00 & 78:20]

23 December: Cirencester Parish Church

Handel: Messiah

Coventry Cathedral Chorus, Orchestra Pro Anima, 

Paul Leddington-Wright (conductor), David Ponsford (harpsichord)


2 February 2018: Emmanuel College, Cambridge

 The Burnaby Recital

'Time Stands Still' 

Simon Ponsford (countertenor), David Ponsford (virginals)

2 March, 2018: Leominster, Lion Ballroom

'Time Stands Still'

Simon Ponsford (countertenor), David Ponsford (virginals)

17 March, 2018: Forest Row Parish Church, East Sussex

Churubini: Requiem

Forest Row Choral Society

Tom Scratchely (conductor), David Ponsford (organ) 

5-7 April, 2018: Royal College of Organists Easter Course, Oxford

Lecture on Nicholas de Grigny by David Ponsford

13 April, 2018: St Cecilia's Hall, Edinburgh

The Peter Williams Memorial Concert 

John Kitchen & David Ponsford (organs & harpsichords)

14 April, 2018: Dursley Parish Church

Bach: St John Passion

Severn Strings, David Ponsford (harpsichord)

13 May, 2018: Westminster Abbey

Organ Recital by David Ponsford

De Grigny: Gloria in Excelsis

18 May, 2018: No. 8 Arts Centre, Pershore

J. S. Bach: Brandenburg Concerto no. 5

Orchestra of the Swan, David Ponsford (harpsichord)

24 May, 2018: St George's, Hanover Square, Mayfair, London

The Peter Williams Memorial Organ recital

David Ponsford with Ghislaine Reece-Trapp

19-21 June, 2018: Saint-Antoine l'Abbaye, France

Recording of Louis Marchand and Jean-Adam Guilain. 

Volume 7 in the series 'French Organ Music from the Golden Age', released by Nimbus

Organ by Scherrer (1748) / Aubertin (1992 & 2001)

Mid-August - late September, 2018: examining tour in Singapore

Mid-October - early December: examining tour in China